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MAXX242vsJEFFSOTO is as an art adventure between two longtime friends. Their goal is to collaborate on projects while staying true to their own individual artistic vision. It's a friendly competition between the artists where neither is declared winner. Maxx242 and Soto have worked together on various projects over the past 20 years and have always pushed each other to progress as artists and more importantly, they share a deep respect for one another. Now they are joining forces again to make some cool shit for the world!

Maxx242 and Jeff Soto met in high school in 1990 through their interests in art, graffiti and skateboarding. They became good friends, formed several graffiti crews and had numerous adventures painting graffiti over the past two decades. Currently both work as artists and illustrators in Southern California. Their work can be seen in galleries and shops around the globe. 

MAXX242vsJEFFSOTO will focus on releasing limited edition items such as toys, skate decks, apparel and prints. Each release will be a double release- one of Soto's designs and one of Maxx242's. Some items will be purchased as a set, some will be sold separately. 

Maxx242- http://www.maxx242.com/
Jeff Soto- http://www.jeffsoto.com/

Jeff and Maxx in 1994- Photo by Bobby Hundreds